is a visual design studio with a documentary soul, based in Bari. We co-design concepts and brands, lead by a strong commitment to achieve strategic goals while supporting cultural values.

Cocodè, co-design in the country side
Service design, design thinking, transmedia prototyping, brand design, storydoing, organizational design, experience strategy, concept development, brand strategy, graphic design
Legambiente, a documentary approach to responsible tourism
Photography, ethnographic research, editorial design, visual design, content development, co-design
Activita, Transferring the movement from the human body to a layout
Campaign development, brand narrative, visual identity, brand identity and naming, illustration, content development
Naked, Undressing the classic logic of the kitchen
Brand narrative, editorial design, content creation, photography, storydoing
A blueprint for Apuliasoft
Strategic transformation, Design process, Service design, co-design
Vita Agra, documenting beauty
Filmmaking, direction, Etnographic research and documentary, visual design, story activation, culture design, photography
ApuliaSoft, bringing a company to speak a new language
Concept development, content creation, typographic design, craft drawing, organizational design, story activation, team intelligence, brand strategy
A view in a room for Agogo
Graphic design, brand narrative, Surface design, wall illustration, filmmaking, visual storydoing

Define your

Every time we start working with a new client, it is a new challenge. Not just for us, firstly for the Organisation which feels that it is a necessary challenge. In fact, our first step is leading to the understanding of the challenge that we set and choosing the best tools in order to identify the assets which need developing and build the potential scenarios. During such phase, researching, empathising with users and clients, observing and mapping the information all are necessary steps.

Design ideas
that move

In order for a brand’s communication to be efficient, it has to be coherent with the type of action taken. We try and solve complex problems through user centred strategies, adjusting our solutions to the “whys”, not the “hows”. We refer to Design Thinking to borrow maps, tools and design methods we apply with creativity, care and patience. The aim is to generate value for all stakeholders involved through a journey of designing positive and distinctive brand experiences.

Prototype participatory value

Docus is an ecosystem based on mutual learning and constant prototyping. Just as in a social dance, we ensure that clients, partners, providers and colleagues are able to generate value for each other. We daily work hard towards educating, experimenting on the field and prompting collaborations between different organisations and amongst various sectors, so to invest our resources in responsible projects. Each of our solutions is guaranteed by multiple disciplines, outlooks and professionalisms.

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Physically based at: Impact Hub Bari, Viale Volga pad 129 Fiera del Levante, 70123 Bari

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